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"Success Of an Organisation is The Result Of Combined
Effort Of Each Individual"



Internal Audit
Statutory Audit
Financial Statement Audit
Regulatory Compliance, Reporting and Certification

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Risk assessment and prioritization based on business impact and risk appetite
Recommendations to improve business efficiency, manage risks and control gaps and increase controls over business processes

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Inquire and review to gain greater understanding of current conditions prior to taking action on a proposed transaction.
Analyze and validate financial, commercial, operational and strategy assumptions underpinning the deal.

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About Us

NBS & Co comprises of a young and vibrant group of Chartered Accountants, in the process of creating a single window to provide an entire array of financial services that a client may seek. We are a congregation of people comprising of diverse mindsets, each relishing a special area of finance, be it venture capital, project finance, statutory as well as management audits, investigations, due diligence, taxation, corporate restructuring or engineering strategies for growth.

NBS possess a wide variety of experience including international exposure. We as a "Team" understand the dynamics of business and professionalism.
Our quality and service can simply be termed as a "great experience".

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Chartered Accountants

Office: 14/2, Western India Building, P.M.Road, Fort,
Mumbai - 400 001.
Phone No.: +91-22-22870588
Email Id.: admin@nbsandco.in

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